[RVX Racers] Divisionals Results + Banquet

    Good morning all, and Happy Father's Day!

    The official results are attached from yesterday's Divisionals meet. The Racers held the lead for most of the day, but just didn't have enough in the later events to hold on. The Racers took home the 3rd place trophy, as well as 97 more personal bests to close out our 2019 summer swim season. Congratulations to all who swam, and thanks for an incredible summer. I will have more details and highlights from Divisionals tonight at the banquet. We are all looking forward to tonight!

    The banquet will begin at 6:00 PM and last until around 9:00 PM. Near the completion of the banquet, coaches and lifeguards will open the pool for the 6th-grade-and-up lock-in. The lock-in is a come-and-go event with an end time at midnight. There will be chaperones at the pool, and if attending, please consider bringing items on this list: https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/60b0e4fada82ba57-raveneaux

    For the freestyle relays that were not swam at the end of the meet yesterday, the NWAL rules state that the Divisionals meet must be completed. The Terranova team rep is currently looking for the best time to offer about a 30 minute window to reschedule these relays that did not swim. Once this time is decided upon, I will pass this along and then help coordinate our relays to see if all four from a given one can make it. I do not need input on times and days that you cannot make it; it's just going to be one scheduled time and if all four from a given relay can make it, they make it. Otherwise, we will just scratch the ones that we cannot swim and move on. Thanks for your understanding on this; it's been quite a mess since the end of the meet yesterday in dealing with NWAL and at least one parent/official from Terranova who protested the meet results after all 6 of us team reps had unanimously decided on the most fair course of action. I will keep everyone posted with all news going forward.

    All for now, looking forward to seeing everyone tonight and celebrating our Racers!

    Dustin Qualls


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