**Racers Banquet Follow-up Questions + Answers**

    Good afternoon all,

    On behalf of the entire Racers Board, I wanted to thank everyone for a fantastic whirlwind of these past 7 weeks! It was a wildly successful year, with the team ending with 732 personal bests for the year, up from 721 last year. We won three dual meets, and placed third in the NWAL Blue 3 Divisionals. Things are already looking great for an even better 2020 summer.

    Here are a couple of frequently asked questions that are popping up since the end of the banquet dealing with some housekeeping items, and also questions from several conversations I've had the past few weeks:

    1) How do I pick up unclaimed awards if I didn't attend the banquet?

    Answer: Please contact Tiffany Hardwick at (713) 249-6384 to arrange for pickup.

    2) My swimmer is interested in more swimming the rest of the summer, what are some options?

    Answer: There are several options, both for technique classes, as well as competitive year-round USA Swimming programs in our area. For technique, FINS provides level-appropriate classes in a group class setting and can be found at https://swimatfins.com/. For a year-round swimming option, Swim Ohana with head coach Greg Kam (from our swim clinic recently) is definitely worth your time to check out. Their website can be found at https://www.teamunify.com/Home.jsp?team=txso. And for private lessons, our coaches would be happy to schedule time at the Raveneaux pool for technique and/or racing lessons:

    Coach Michael: (713) 503-7411

    Coach Meredith: (281) 731-9837

    Coach Graceson: (936) 523-0907

    Coach Kella: (832) 585-9323 

    3) How can I be more involved next summer?

    Answer: We are in need of additional NWAL-certified officials! If you are interested in officiating next season, please let me know and we will make this happen next April. As an official, you get free registration for your first swimmer, the best view of the races, hospitality food and drinks at meets, VIP parking at meets, and the general love of everyone on the team. That's just one way to help... we are constantly looking for ways to improve the team, and provide the most fun possible for the swimmers. If you have any great ideas or constructive criticism at all, PLEASE share with one of the Board members. 

    4) Is the Board looking to add any new members?

    Answer: Yes, and always yes. If you would like to join and level-up your involvement in the team, just let one of us know and we'll find the right role for you. We have a goal to begin planning earlier this next year (early March), and the more the merrier.

    5) Did my swimmer(s) qualify for post-season invitationals?

    Answer: There are two post-season invitational meets that will be held not this coming weekend, but the weekend after that (June 29 and 30) . We will swim in the All-Star Invitational and the Ponderosa Invitational. The list of qualifiers for each meet are attached below, as well as the meet informational fliers as well. Both meets have entries available to select on the team website, similar to how you would choose events for a regular swim meet. All individual events are $7 each at both meets. I will handle the entries and pay with one check for each meet. Please select events that you would like to swim on the team website by this Friday at 9 PM.

    And finally, here is a quick recap of the major awards from last night's banquet. Congratulations to all the swimmers, thank you to all our sponsors, and I really hope to see everyone again next year!

    Graduating Seniors: Fisher Hargrove and Evan Moloney

    Ten-Year Service Awards: Laura Claire Grimes, Heath Marchese, Carter Qualls, and Alison Sweeney

    First-Time Personal Best Goal Achievers:

    Finley Albiston

    Emma Allmaras

    Carter Barnett-Walker

    Max Bunton

    Grace Childress

    Polly Cue

    Henry Dougherty

    Eliya Fernandes

    Ethan Love

    Carson Taylor

    Blake Vassigh

    Evan Vassigh

    Laken Walker

    Repeating Personal Best Goal Achievers:

    Allie Bunton

    William Bunton

    Jack Childress

    Austin Corson

    Hudson Driskill

    Joanna Galvan

    Jose Galvan

    Britton Hambor

    Garrett Hardwick

    Savannah Hardwick

    Massey Hyde

    Ella Lopez

    Carter Qualls

    Kate Qualls

    Cassandra Rodabaugh

    Shayne Smith

    Emma Taylor

    Drake Vasquez

    Coach's Awards:

    Daniel Al Twal

    Finley Albiston

    Megan Beauregard

    Jack Childress

    Bennett Crosby

    Hudson Driskill

    Britton Hambor

    Blake Smith

    Emma Taylor

    Laken Walker

    Nate Welsh

    Kenzie Winkler

    High Point (HP) and Most Improved (MI) Winners:

    Girls 6 and Under:

    HP: Shayne Smith

    MI: Emma Allmaras

    Boys 6 and Under:

    HP: Hudson Driskill

    MI: Blake Smith

    Girls 7/8:

    HP: Emma Taylor

    MI: Eliya Fernandes

    Boys 7/8:

    HP: Austin Corson

    MI: Brock Winkler

    Girls 9/10:

    HP: Violet Lopez

    MI: Megan Beauregard

    Boys 9/10:

    HP: Massey Hyde

    MI: Jack Childress

    Girls 11/12:

    HP: Cassandra Rodabaugh

    MI: Joanna Galvan

    Boys 11/12:

    HP: Harrison Hyde

    MI: Ethan Love

    Girls 13/14:

    HP: Marie Abrams

    MI: Macey Vasquez

    Boys 13/14:

    HP: Carter Qualls

    MI: Devon Hajdik

    Women 15+:

    HP: Savannah Neal

    MI: Isabella Miranda

    Men 15+:

    HP: Evan Moloney

    MI: Lauren Rodabaugh

    Overall Female:

    HP: Emma Taylor

    MI: Emma Allmaras

    Overall Male:

    HP: Massey Hyde

    MI: Blake Smith

    Thanks, and Go Racers!

    Dustin Qualls


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